Rita Castilho Sá Couto, aka Rita Laranja is a multidisciplinary creative designer based in Porto. She works in various forms and formats, from album design, printmaking, editorial design, ceramic, UX/UI, illustration and clothes design across all platforms. Unable to focus in one practice she fluctuates between printed and digital matter. 
As a self taught printmaker, she’s fascinated by various hand printing techniques therefore most of her personal work takes the form of relief prints created using the lengthy process of lino-cutting and wood-cutting.
Currently working as a freelancer and doing some personal projects exploring illustration, clothes design and ceramics. 

For freelance/collaboration enquiries, please reach out via email. 

Studio Gallery
Pressing Matters — Issue 05 2018

Featured Creative
The Design kids Porto 2019

Matriz Perdida
Ecos de Lima Festival— Ponte da Barca 2019

Vizinhas Banhantes 
Daily Day — Porto 2018

Collective Exhibition
Um instante antes da explosão
Saco Azul/Maus Hábitos — Porto 2022

Stall Bookshop — Porto 2017

Freelancer Edition
The Design Kids Tuesdays 2019

Full CV available on request.

Carla Souto — Wearable Sculptures is an ongoing project on emotion and of a body-adaptable volume. The artist creates adaptable wax pieces and then turns them into jewellery making them unique and complex. This project was created with a continuous dialogue with the client, trying to compile everything the brand represents. Arriving at the horse waxing figure and then the slender and flexible identity.

Carla Souto — @carla___souto
Photographs — Paula Yubero
Styling — Diego Losada