Rita Castilho Sá Couto, aka Rita Laranja is a multidisciplinary creative designer based in Porto. She works in various forms and formats, from album design, printmaking, editorial design, ceramic, UX/UI, illustration and clothes design across all platforms. Unable to focus in one practice she fluctuates between printed and digital matter. 
As a self taught printmaker, she’s fascinated by various hand printing techniques therefore most of her personal work takes the form of relief prints created using the lengthy process of lino-cutting and wood-cutting.
Currently working as a freelancer and doing some personal projects exploring illustration, clothes design and ceramics. 

For freelance/collaboration enquiries, please reach out via email. 

Studio Gallery
Pressing Matters — Issue 05 2018

Featured Creative
The Design kids Porto 2019

Matriz Perdida
Ecos de Lima Festival— Ponte da Barca 2019

Vizinhas Banhantes 
Daily Day — Porto 2018

Collective Exhibition
Um instante antes da explosão
Saco Azul/Maus Hábitos — Porto 2022

Stall Bookshop — Porto 2017

Freelancer Edition
The Design Kids Tuesdays 2019

Full CV available on request.

The IN TRUX WE PUX collection was supposed to be presented in 4 different days (1 event per record showcasing some of the artists represented in that volume) but due to the pandemic there could only be one event. So Favela Discos decided to showcase only “Desilusão Óptica” (the music piece from the 2nd volume) which the name is a pun on optical illusion (Desilusão means disappointment / disillusion and Óptica means optical). Thence the exploration of optical illusions on the poster.
I wanted illusions that could translate well not only on screen but also on print, so ended up focusing on the Hering illusion and the Moon illusion. I was quite happy with the result on screen, despite of all the headaches it gave me. The final poster was silkscreen printed by OFICINA ARARA.